Finding a partner is one of life’s great challenges and rewards, but dating can sometimes feel like hard work. First dates, especially, are awkward and nerve-wracking, especially for women who haven’t dated in awhile. The following tips are for women who are getting back into the dating game.

Be Honest

The first and most important rule of dating is to be absolutely honest. It’s not necessary to tell everything, of course, but it’s important to avoid telling lies. Lies require maintenance, and they almost always get found out in the end. People usually lie on dates in order to make themselves look better, but when lies are discovered, they backfire. Women should simply present their best selves on the first date and admit imperfections with a sense of humor.

Be Natural

There have been some popular books published that recommend following some pretty strict rules, like waiting a certain number of days before returning a phone call or never accepting a date made less than a week in advance. But men invariably say that they prefer women who are natural, open, and spontaneous. If a woman is interested in a man, she should show her interest by responding as quickly as she wants to.

Be Open

Dating experts also recommend being open to new experiences. Rather than ruling out a man immediately for a superficial trait, a woman should be open to getting to know him and find areas of compatibility. Being open involves listening with curiosity rather than judgment, sharing honestly, and being open to the possibility of a relationship.

Be Safe

While it’s important to be open to new relationships, it’s also essential to be aware of boundaries and to walk away from anyone who feels threatening. Women should always pay attention to their gut feeling and let that guide their actions. They should also avoid alcohol or keep drinks to a minimum, since intoxication clouds judgment and makes a woman vulnerable. Meeting in a public place and notifying friends about the date are two other basic precautions.

By following these tips, women can improve their chances of enjoying a first date and moving on to a second date. For more advice about dating and relationships, search FB for Giordana Toccaceli.